Monday, February 15, 2016

Portrait Project - Part 12

Estee and I knew each other when we were kids.  Over a decade ago we reconnected for a bit when we were both in bellydancing together, then we lost touch again.  A couple years ago we met again through a local foodie group and hit it off over our common love of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series of novels which was about to be turned into a television show on Starz.  I added the Starz channel to my cable and Estee came over to watch every new episode with me.  We would have treats, and sometimes they were related to the show or the characters.

We couldn't get strawberries so...
... we had to get raspberries instead.
 Estee was interested in participating in the portrait project.  We talked about what she wanted to do and she started leaning towards an Outlander styled shoot.  She had her clothes and hair and makeup picked up, but we needed some props.  I put together Claire's "wee basket", and Estee came up with another idea.  She had found a blog that described how the writer had tried to recreate the lanterns from the "druid" dancing scene in the first episode on this website.  So we got together one night and made lanterns and they turned out great.  The only thing we changed is that instead of using an American 2 liter soda bottle, we used a large Guarana Antarctica bottle for shaping the lanterns.

My lantern
Estee's lantern
My finished lantern.
At this point we were ready to shoot.  Natalie from part 5 came and assisted on the shoot, and I'm grateful for her help and patience and her willingness to literally lift me up to try and get a very specific shot.  We started out in Logan Canyon along the river, then in Logan on the bench at an old stone building as a stand in for Castle Leoch or the stables, and then at a set of large cut stones acting as stand ins for Craig Na Dun.  If you've read the books you will probably be able to see the scenes or situations that we're referencing. 

We didn't set out to specifically recreate exact moments in the book or television show, but rather to pay homage...well that and we couldn't find stand ins for JAMMF, Frank Randall, and Donas.  I hope you have as much fun browsing the photos as we did making them.  First and foremost I wanted to make some lovely images of Estee and let her natural beauty shine through, the fantasy/role playing aspect was secondary, but I think we achieved both....what do you think?