Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Photo Shoot with Amber from Two Color Photography

2016 is finally over.  Everyone has been posting memes and talking about how awful it has been in general.  It was a rough year for me personally.  Last year my father passed away in April just a few months shy of his 94th birthday.  It's difficult to encapsulate his life with any kind of brevity.  It wasn't just that he lived a long time, almost a century, but that he filled all those years with love, travel, hobbies, and service. 

Among the things that Dad loved were coca-cola, popcorn, his family, his work, music, airplanes (he was in the Army Air Corps in WWII and he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force), bow ties, photography, and classic cars.  He collected several antique vehicles and loved driving them in the local parades here in Cache Valley.  After he lost his driver's license it fell to me to drive him in the parades almost every Saturday between May and September.  Confession: I LOATHE driving in parades.  I loved driving the cars, I hated doing it in such a public way.  I don't like being in the public eye.  Smiling and waving?  NOT on the list of my favorite things.  But dad loved it and I loved him, so I did it. 

His last auto project was a 1970 Mercedes 450 SL convertible.  He had owned it for a while but the body needed work.  Wade at Straightedge Auto Restoration out of St Anthony did a beautiful job repairing and repainting the car.  He was able to match the original Mercedes blue perfectly.  The car was finished just a few months before dad passed away and Dad was so pleased with it.  If you're in the Utah, Idaho, or Wyoming area and are looking to have restoration work done on a classic vehicle please look up the Straightedge Auto Restoration facebook page and give them a call, they do amazing work.

It had been a while since I had collaborated with any of my photographer friends and I wanted to do something to celebrate Dad and his beautiful cars.  So I got a hold of Amber Rust at Two Color Photography and laid out what I wanted to do, she immediately jumped onboard and we started planning.  I called on the amazing Ashley Palmer to be my MUA again, she did my makeup for the photoshoot with dad's 1968 Newport.  Ashley also hooked me up with Amber at Kutting Edge salon for my hair.  All of these ladies were awesome to work with.  Ashley was especially patient as I kept bursting into tears while she was trying to do my makeup and it took way longer than it should have because of that. 

Once the makeup and hair were done I got dressed, picked up the car, and drove over the hill to Garland to meet Amber at the abandoned Main Theater.  We had managed to unknowingly plan the shoot for one of the hottest days of the year and I seriously worried on the drive over that I was going to sweat off all the makeup, but I arrived intact, if a tad sweaty.  Luckily as we started a storm came up on the horizon and once the clouds covered the evening sun the temperature dropped about 20 degrees and made it more bearable.  It was a lot of fun and I'm very grateful to everyone who helped make it happen.

My father's father was born in 1903, I was born in 1979, I thought the dates on the mural were fitting.


Charlotte said...

These have such a feeling about them. They are fascinating and beautiful of course, but even beyond that, there's a sense of -- something -- I don't know how to describe it, but I like it. Thank you.

Leslie said...

Love your stories, love the pictures, and I dearly loved your dad!