"G as in.....uh....Goonies?!?"
Please Please Please learn the phonetic alphabet correctly!!!

Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal, but for a person who works all day on a telephone, usually with poor line quality/reception, correct spelling can be a challenge...especially when everyone makes up their own "A as in Antelope" versions.

Folks, this may come as a shock but there is an officially recognized phonetic alphabet used to spell and/or clarify over the phone/radio/etc. It is as follows:

A = Alpha
B = Bravo
C = Charlie
D = Delta
E = Echo
F = Foxtrot
G = Golf
H = Hotel
I = India
J = Juliet
K = Kilo
L = Lima
M = Mike
N = November
O = Oscar
P = Papa
Q = Quebec
R = Romeo
S = Sierra
T = Tango
U = Uniform
V = Victor
W = Whiskey
X = Xray
Y = Yankee
Z = Zulu

Trust me, its easier to memorize this than it is to try and make up your own on the spot because "B as in Bob" on a bad connection can sound like "T as in Top" or "D as in Daub"